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Sensual Domination Story (Part 2)

Posted in Stories on March 13, 2011 by The Submissive Male

I remove my damp panties and feel the wetness that has accumulated in my pussy. I do not even have to spread my lips to feel it. I remove my fingers; they are thoroughly coated. I place my wet fingers in your mouth, and you suck off my juices and smile. I ask, “Would you like some more?” “Yes, please,” you purr.

I straddle your head, facing away from your feet, and lower my pussy to your eagerly awaiting mouth. I release a deep, satisfied moan as your tongue begins to move up and down my pussy. I lean back so I can watch you. I run my fingers through your strawberry-blonde hair and whisper, “Good boy.” Your tongue feels so good running up and down my pussy lips. Each time you reach my clit, you circle it with the tip of your tongue; when you reach my vagina, you stick your tongue in a little bit. I cannot help but moan in pleasure. I use my hands to massage my breasts and pull on my nipples. I suck and nibble my fingers. I love watching you eat me out.

I begin to grind my pussy on your mouth. You take this as a cue to begin sucking directly on my clit. I cry out at the sudden jolt of pleasure. You roll my clit gently between your teeth. It feels so good. My body jerks and quivers. “Tongue-fuck me,” I command. You stick out your tongue and I fuck your face, covering it in my juices.

I look back and see you’re hard again. I ask you, “Would you like to see what you’re eating?” “Yes, I would love to see your pussy,” you reply. I dismount your head and take off your blindfold. Your pretty blue eyes look up at me. I kiss you, and I taste myself on your lips. I lick my juices off your face, and kiss you again. I straddle your head again, this time facing toward your hard cock. “She’s so pretty,” I hear you breathe. I lower myself down, and you fervently resume eating my pussy.

Your cock is right in front of me, begging to be sucked. I have no choice but to oblige. How it got so hard again so fast, I don’t know, but I’m certainly not complaining. I can still taste a bit of your cum. I put a finger in your ass and massage your balls with my other hand. You moan between my legs, and I moan with your cock in my mouth. You eating my pussy makes me suck you off with an almost supernatural vigor; it seems me sucking your cock has the same effect on your pussy-eating. We are one sucking, licking, moaning, positive feedback mechanism. I am coming close to orgasm. You flick my clit with your tongue until I can’t think of anything else. My body tenses, and all my focus goes to my clit. My cries come at a higher and higher pitch. I am almost there…

With a loud cry, I finally come. I feel my pussy pulse with waves of pleasure that run through my entire body. After I am done, I collapse on your body, breathing heavily. My mind is filled with bliss. You continue to slowly run your tongue up and down my pussy, caressing it in its afterglow. After a few moments, my hips begin moving with your mouth. I need more.

I turn myself around. I kiss you lustfully while I tease your cock with my dripping pussy. I brush it against your cock, and then I let the head barely penetrate before I move it away again. You furrow your brow with frustration. “What’s the matter?” I ask coyly between kisses. “Fuck me,” you whisper. “What?” I ask. “Fuck me, please!” I grin, and plunge myself forcefully upon your cock. We both cry out with pleasure.

I begin to fuck you, slowly at first. Your cock fills me perfectly, like it was formed with specifically my pussy in mind. When I go all the way down, you fill me all the way up, and my clit rubs deliciously on your pubic mound. Every stroke hits my G-spot. It doesn’t take long until I’m riding you as hard and fast as I can. A look of pure pleasure is on your face, and I’m sure I look no different. You whisper, “Fuck me,” over and over. You grab and pull on the ropes around your wrists. “I love your cock,” I gasp. I put one hand on your throat, and the other I use to pull on your nipple. You cry out. I move my hand from your throat to your mouth, and you suck on my fingers. I need to taste your mouth. I bend down and kiss you ferociously, moans escaping between our lips. The bed is shaking violently. I feel a great well of pleasure build up deep in my body. I can’t hold it back; I start screaming in ecstasy. I’m coming hard and long, with waves of energy roaring through my body. You begin coming as well, crying “Yes!” over and over. We come together for what seems like ages.

I fall onto your chest, breathless. Your chest rises and falls with huge deep breaths; my cheek feels good against it. “Wow,” you breathe. I lift myself and look into your eyes. “I concur,” I smile. We kiss. “Untie my hands so I can hold you,” you say. I oblige, and curl up against you. You wrap your arms around me, and we fall asleep.

Sensual Domination Story (Part 1)

Posted in Stories on March 5, 2011 by The Submissive Male

Borrowed from  jennack3315 a 25YO F Switch

I have blindfolded you and tied you spread-eagle to your bed. You are completely naked, and my eyes roam greedily over your body. Your small nipples stand erect, begging for attention. Your pale skin glows beautifully, and your cock is already erect. Your breath comes in short gasps.

I run my index finger around your lips, and your tongue comes out to meet it. I put my finger further in your mouth. You suck it hungrily, and my breath gets caught in my throat. I hold your head and kiss you savagely, and then I shove a ball gag in your mouth and secure it behind your head. I will not let you pull me into mindless passion, not yet.

I glide my fingertips down your face and neck to your chest, and I give a nipple a quick pinch. I want to leave my mark on your skin. I swing my leg over your chest and straddle you, then I rake my nails slowly down your arms while I allow my breasts to brush against your face. The long red lines I leave are pleasing to me. I bend over and begin to kiss and suck and nibble on the tender flesh of your neck. Small moans escape your throat. I run my tongue from your ear along your jawline to your gagged mouth. You feverishly try to make as much contact with your lips as you can, and I indulge you for a few seconds before I place my hand on your throat and firmly push you down.

I continue kissing down to your chest. Your red springy chest hair tickles my nose as I move to your nipples. You arch your back in anticipation. I gently brush my lips against one nipple, feeling it between my lips. I clamp my lips down on it and pull back, pulling it more erect. I lightly move the tip of my tongue in circles around it. Your whimpers are music to my ears. I move my tongue more quickly across your nipple. I wrap my lips around it and suck sharply. I love the way your chest shudders with your breaths. I flick my tongue rapidly over your nipple, and then I bite it gently. I substitute my fingers for my lips on the first nipple, pulling and flicking, and I move to the other one and repeat. By the time I am done, you are bucking against me, trying to rub your cock against my panties. I hold my pussy just far enough away that you can barely brush against it. I wonder if you can feel the wet spot on my panties.

I rake my nails down your chest and sides, then move up and give you a soft kiss on the cheek. I then swing my leg back over you and move in between your legs. I begin to kiss the soft skin between your thighs, and your legs quiver. I have a lovely view of your cock and balls, as well as just the beginning of your cute little asshole. I run my tongue up and down the inside of your thighs, coming closer to your groin with each pass. Finally, the tip of my tongue just touches one of your balls, which you’ve shaved just for me. I lightly begin to lick them. A small moan comes from your gagged mouth. I run my tongue all over your balls and then take them one by one into my mouth. Your cock jumps each time I suck one in.

I long to let my lips touch your cock, but there’s one more thing I want to do. I move down and bury my tongue to your asshole. I hear you moan loudly, and you spread your legs as far as you can against the ropes. I move my tongue over your smooth, tight anus, probing gently with the tip. You taste like sex, and it really turns me on. There’s nothing quite like being buried between your legs, my face jammed into your ass to the point I can’t breath, with you moving your hips against me and moaning loudly in pleasure. I tongue-fuck you until I can’t hold my breath any longer, then I quickly come up for air and go back down again.

I finally come up for good when my tongue is too sore to stick out of my mouth. I lick my left middle finger and use it to continue rubbing your asshole, then I turn my attention to your cock. It is perfect. It is thick and straight, and the head is large and just as thick as the shaft. I quickly and greedily take it into my mouth. Your head jerks back and you moan loudly through the gag. I can taste your sweet precum, and your cock is rock hard in my mouth. I move my tongue against the shaft as I suck your cock.

I move my attention back to your asshole as I continue to suck you off. I slowly begin to penetrate you with my left middle finger. You moan and wiggle your ass, trying to help my finger in. If I feel resistance, I come off your cock and spit liberally on my finger before easing it back in and resuming sucking. I quickly have it all the way in, and I can feel your prostate pressing down against my finger. I rub against it, and you instantly become harder than you were before. Your hips are rocking back and forth against my mouth and my finger in your asshole, and you are moaning in rhythm with your movement. I can feel that you are coming close to orgasm, but I’m not ready for you to come yet.

I back off your cock a bit and begin to wiggle a second finger into your ass. This is a bit more tender for you, but I am slow and patient and very liberal with my saliva. I watch your face intently for any sign of pain. I cannot help but think how beautiful your face looks as you are tied naked to your bed, fully displayed to me. Some scratch marks still linger on your skin. Soon I have both fingers all the way into your ass. I begin to slowly fuck you, and I spit in my palm and rub the head of your cock with a squeezing circular motion of my right hand. The intense feeling on your cock helps you loosen up more quickly, and presently I am finger-fucking you hard and fast. I can feel you coming close to orgasm again.

I stop jerking you and grab a butt plug. After lubing it up, I slide it in your ass to hold you open while I put on my strap-on. As you are blindfolded, you cannot see what I’m doing, so you do not know what is coming until I untie your feet and put a pillow under your hips. Before I settle back between your legs, I whisper into your ear, “I’m going to fuck your ass until you come harder than you ever have in your life.” You let out an excited whimper.

I kiss your lips in the gag, go back between your legs, and lube up my cock. I throw your legs over my shoulders and slowly pull out the butt plug. Your anus stares up at me, pink, shiny, and slightly agape. I ease my smooth cock in, and your asshole closes around it. You let out a deep moan. I let your hips move down my cock so you can choose how deep I go. I kiss your legs and feet and stroke your cock. You begin to slowly fuck yourself on me like the little slut you are. I cannot help myself any longer, and I move my hips along with you. Soon I am fucking you fast and deep, and you moan with each stroke of my cock. I rub the head of your cock again, and you moan even louder. I am glad of the gag in your mouth, because I fear you may be too loud without it. You pull on the ropes around your wrists and thrash your head from side to side. Your chest and face are flushed bright red, and I cannot keep my eyes off your face. You are the most beautiful creature I have ever seen. Suddenly you throw your head forward and back over and over, and cum flies out of your cock with each throw back. Your cum squirts out thick and far, hitting both our faces as I jerk it out of you. You squirt at least a dozen times before you are finally finished.

I pull out of you and grab a damp washcloth. After I take off my strap-on and wipe your cum off of me, I tenderly clean you off and retie your legs.  I remove your ball gag and kiss you passionately. I am not finished with you yet.


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